Our Back To Basics Log Cabin Store will be opening June 2011.  Our goal is to provide all natural affordable alternatives to products we use everyday.  We would like to imitate some of the products you would have found if you went back in time and walked into an old-fashioned General Store.  We will be hosting local artisans as well as local farmers who provide those quality goods for you to take home to your family. 

Our plan is to provide a line of all natural soaps to choose from that are carcinogen free (no cancer causing chemicals), old-time salves, lotions, our own local honey, honey pots and aprons.  Wood toys made without the lead based paint that seems to be infiltrating the toy market today, along with all natural grains milled on site.  These are just a few examples of items in our store.

Our honey is chemical free as well, there are no pesticides used for our bees and to ensure there are no chemicals, we reuse our own beeswax, as the wax will hold on to chemicals for a long time, slowly releasing into the honey.  Most mass marketed honey is heated and filtered past the point of having any nutritional value, then they blend it all together to give it a uniform look.  Our honey is raw and beneficial in aiding with allergies, health problems and excellent as a cut or burn healing ointment.

If you are traveling through  Southern Ohio or West Virginia, or reside in these areas, please stop by to visit our store.

Back To Basics Log Cabin

233 Hamrick Lane

Belpre, OHIO



6 Responses to About

  1. Doug says:

    The store is great. I was very impressed with the setting and the cabin. Nice setting for the items.
    The soap I got is wonderful and will plan on getting more. Peach jam is to die for. I was wondering if you take other locally crafted items of an early applachian background for sale in your store?

    • Hi there Doug, I got your msg the other day and have been carrying your ph#…If you can drop off a few samples of your items that would be great, along with your wholesale pricing.
      Thank you for visiting our store!! It was great meeting you and I am so happy you like our products.
      Happy Lily hunting,

  2. Hello Madeleine!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how our products work for you!! I love to hear about success stories, as I strive to locate the best all natural ingredients. Kim and yourself (and of course Marty too!) are welcome to drop by anytime. Sincerely,

  3. denise says:

    I just want to say thank you thank you thank you about a year and half ago i bought your all natural lotion stick lavender lemongrass. Since that time i have had major surgery that left me with scars that seemed to itch and hurt with no relief. That was until my better half said why don’t you try that stick that’s been sitting on the bathroom counter for over a year. OMG the relief was instant and the smell, soothing, soft, did I mention the RELIEF!!!!! Can you email me your hours, now that I am allowed out of the house I want to stop and get more and shop for some other things for my family. I am local thank you so so so much you have no idea how wonderful this stuff is until you truly need something that works. ps I was using a prescription lidocaine that was NO help at all.

  4. Tara says:

    Saw you at Belpre Homecoming and am excited to try your products. Can you please post your store hours? I didn’t find them and would like to stop in soon.

  5. Everett & Kim Misner says:

    Greetings Randy and Amanda,
    A while back I started using a stick of orange scented hand lotion we purchased from you; Great Product!! I work with steel daily and it seems I am endlessly washing my hands to avoid the transfer of grime to my computer and paperwork. This is tough on the hands after a few weeks. I have used several items to resist cracking, including Bag Balm. I must say I like yours better. The consistency is less tacky, yet it lasts just as long plus has a better aroma.
    We did enjoy your store and can appreciate the fact that you guys built it with you own hands (not contracted). Kim and I are looking at purchasing Rocky Mountain Cookware here in our small town. Like you we value “American Made”
    We should be in your area summer of 14 and will visit your store again. I would like to extend any assistance in keeping that shifty eyed neighbor (Harman, aka Bubba) away from your enterprise. He’s no doubt bad for business and doesn’t belong in your store as a feel he’s most likely not “American Made”!!! Be sure to tell him I said so.
    Take care,

    Everett Misner-Montana

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